Why LocoDrive?

With a pay scale lying between Rs. 10,000- Rs. 15,000, 53% of truck drivers in India suffer from health problems, with 23% troubled with lack of proper sleep, 18% from physical stress and 12% from mental health problems. But not anymore!

Benefits of LocoDrive



Secured income
Career progress path
Life and health insurance
Access to driver relief fund
Responsibility towards environment and regulatory norms
Access to Child Education Program
Respect in society
Work Life balance
Access to Driver Entrepreneurship Program

Driver Entrepreneurship Program

Join LocoDrive & be a top performing driver

Get help in getting business loans & working capital

Start your own transport business

Be your own Boss

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General FAQs
LocoDrive is aimed at empowering drivers with a means to take full control over their lives and their career paths, coupled with inculcating a sense of freedom in them to expand their horizons and live a life enriched with respect and dignity.
Once a driver comes into the LocoDrive ecosystem, he is introduced to the three pressure frameworks: coercive, normative and mimetic. Coercive pressures demand that the expectations of external stakeholders, be it government agencies or other regulatory bodies, are appropriately met. Normative pressures focus on immaculate work ethic, professional codes and a general sense of responsibility towards the society and the environment. And lastly, mimetic pressures dictate that the vision and goals of LocoNav are “mimicked”, i.e., the clarity and conceptualisation with which the organisation is moving forward and hopes to achieve is understood and enthusiastically shared by the drivers. These three areas of pressure are moderated by top level management and conveyed to the drivers in the ecosystem by means of rigorous training.
Absolutely not! A driver can be a part of LocoDrive completely free of cost. The intent of this program is to empower our driver friends.

Features of LocoDrive

Verified Drivers

Driver Safety Monitoring

Vehicle Tracking

Fuel Tracking

Route Optimization

Vehicle Maintenance

Fleet Utilization

Trip Audit

Complete Security

We as a business completely understand your pain in finding reliable drivers

No reliable Driver

With a lot of valuable and expensive cargo being moved around everyday, finding a trustworthy driver is hard. 59% of cargo theft in Asia takes place in our country, due to lack of reliable drivers.

Leave Issues

The pressure to deliver goods to distant places on time leads to truck drivers being stripped off of basic amenities, primarily the ability to take designated leaves. They are made to work tirelessly with no respite.

Security Issues

From truck hijackings to murders, truck drivers fall prey to security threats every day. In India, drivers have to drive on isolated stretches at odd hours with limited law enforcement to rely on.

Loss of Business

It is estimated that 28% of the trucks in India are sitting idle with no drivers to take the wheel. This shortfall of drivers has led to an annual loss of USD 60 billion to the country.

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World class training

Professional behaviour

Excellent track record

Visible score card

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General FAQs
LocoDrive offers complete fleet management solution for all truck segments available in the market. We are currently working with 6/10/12/14/18/22/Tanker/Trailer segments and are open to other segments too.
LocoDrive strongly believes in picking drivers who have driven for a minimum of 5 Yrs and these handpicked drivers are thoroughly trained at our regional training centres before they are deployed at various client sites.
We have structured pricing as per the truck size, type of business and route. Please get in touch with souvik.samaddar@loconav.com for further details.