Our platform leverages the power of telematics intelligence to provide your business with real-time, actionable and accurate insights about your fleet. Escalate your profitability with our customized AI enabled fleet management solutions.


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What We Offer


AI Based Data Analytics

Our solution identifies human error prone processes and replaces them with AI based insights to reduce driver risk and improve fleet monitoring.


Full Stack Solution

Get an end-to-end view of your entire fleet operations – vehicle tracking, driver behavior monitoring, fleet maintenance alerts.


Plug and Play

Seamlessly integrate with any telematics solution. All we need is the raw input and we will build custom monitoring solutions exclusively for you.


Fleet Management

Live Actionable Alerts

Get proactive alerts about every movement your fleet makes. Take preemptive measures for fleet safety with our instant notifications.


Enhance the scope and productivity of your fleet with detailed insights into the performance and utility of your fleet. Determine areas of improvement and take swift action.

Driver Management

Proprietary Single Scorecard

Utilise our proprietary algorithm, coupled with machine learning, to score and benchmark your drivers. Identify risky drivers, along with correction measures for intelligent driver monitoring.

Categorization & Profiling:

Scores are great but you will also need to deep dive into details
Driver profiles help you metric performances through key indicators such as KMs travelled, idling time etc and make data driven decisions based on these subjective behavioral patterns

Cost Optimisation

Proactively identifying rash driving and periodically reviewing and correcting driver performance helps optimize vehicle mileage and reduce fuel costs


Operations Management

Smart Alerts

Define parameters for your fleet operations and get customised alerts instantly. With smart alerts segregate operational breakdowns from unscheduled halts.

Improve Asset and Driver Utilization

Increase your asset utilisation by harnessing our AI-powered fleet management system. Plan operational routes and streamline your trip management.

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